Thursday, August 25, 2011

He said yea!

My little man spoke his very first word today.  Melt my heart...he was clapping his hands and said yea! 

No matter how crappy things are sometimes.  No matter how stressed I am.  I look at my children and realize how blessed and lucky I truly am.  My children are amazing.  My oldest is starting high school next week.  EEK!!!  HIGH SCHOOL!!!  He is such an amazing young man.  He is so smart, creative, mechanically inclined...that kid can fix anything.

I remember when he was was the first time I watched him take one of his toys apart....inspect it to see how it worked...put it all back together and it still worked.   He hasn't stopped.  He can build anything.  His life goals are to go to Penn State and then after graduation join the marines.  After that, become a police officer.  He has it all figured out.

My little Dominic is such a happy little guy.  I can not wait to see the way he turns out.  With a big brother like he has....he will be just as amazing as his big brother. 

<3 Family

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