Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When I get where I am going.....

I feel like I have been traveling this road alone for a long time.  Wondering when I will get to where I am supposed to be.  I often find myself wondering where I went wrong.  What was that pivitol moment in my life where the decision to make this wrong turn that has gotten me lost was such a great idea. 

Feeling lost is the worst.  I have felt so lost for so long that I am not sure if I can find myself again.  Have you ever sat there and just felt so empty inside, even though you have so much and are so blessed?  I have never felt like this.  I can not believe I allowed my life to end up this way. 

I have a plan, goals, and have the motivation.  Now just to find the confidence and optomism that I once had.  The thing is I let someone take that from me a long time ago.  And it's time for me to take a stand and take it back.  Take my life back and be the woman I know I am.  The strong, kick ass woman that my children need me to be. 

I will get there.  I have a path that I am on and no one will steer me wrong on this journey. 

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