Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Am....Me

I am average
I am bold
I am unique
or so I've been told

I am a woman with scars
I have a past that is unkind
I have repaired and have healed
All to feel like life is always on rewind

I am human
I have a heart
I am loyal
Though my past makes it hard

I've learned to trust easily
I've learned that there is good
I've learned to be fair
Something that in time I understood

I am a mom and a dad
I am a maid and a cook
I am a boo boo kisser
And play all the characters while reading a story book

I am my biggest critic
I doubt what people see
I am blind to what is said
When people look at me

I see perfectly imperfect
I have grown to accept me
I am not a chameleon
Take me, leave me or let me be

I am  me.....

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